Time Saving Detailed Audit Reports


Time saving detailed audit reports for each individual regulatory compliance requirement.

  • Powerful Metrics – Detailed compliance percentages based on category
  • Powerful Details – In-depth technical requirement and remediation details
  • Powerful Formatting – Pre-formatted for submission to auditors
  • Powerful Knowledge – How-To’s for unaddressed checks (customer specific)
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eMASS Ready

DISA STIG reports come pre-formatted for upload into DoD eMASS system.


Remediation Details

Detailed remediation information for every compliance check prevents searching system configuration information.


Check Requirements

In-Depth compliance check requirements with recommended check actions and remediation steps.  Understand exactly what is required, how to verify compliance, and perform remediations actions if applicable.


Executive Summary

High level audit reports for submission to senior management, IT auditors, or certification authority.


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